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How I became a mindset coach

Where to start...

For a while I followed what most would see as the expected or conventional pathway; GCSEs, A- Levels, off to University, then got a job with Barclays. Life was ok, but it wasn't setting me alight with excitement, I felt a bit cheated. There was a desire for me to create more, to be more. 

I've always enjoyed working with people so fast forward to 2009 and I qualified as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist. 

I setup my own business and specialised in training clients in their own homes, I loved the freedom of driving about and meeting so many different people from all walks of life. It was also fantastic to see so many changes happening for my clients. 

After a few years I had the same yearning to grow my impact, to get this fitness work out to a bigger audience. This is where my own life took off, although I wasn't aware that was about to happen! 

Late 2015 I got a friend request on social media, which I accepted, and a day later this guy messaged me. He was a coach specialising in helping fitness professionals transition to an online model for wider impact. Ideal I thought. 

I consumed his free content and spoke to him on the phone twice before making the jump to work with him 1-2-1. 

The work we did was powerful, and actually focused a lot on the biggest limitation he saw to my growth, ME!! 

I had heard of mindset work before but never really thought it would benefit me, and dare I say felt like I was ahead of needing it! 

What became very apparent was how much I was limiting myself, my belief system (that I had spent years creating and proving to be correct) was one that did not tie in with my ambitious targets for the future. 

My eyes were well and truly open to the incredible power of our mind. 

I had to learn more...

I continued to work with this coach, a straight talking Scotsman called Scott, for a further 12 months, even flying out to Bali for a week to meet him to do some deeper mindset clearing work in person. 

My own mind was made up, I had to learn how to do this, so many need to know this and I want to teach them.

As chance would have it I met Scott's own coach, a guy called Chris Duncan, the guy that taught Scott a lot of what he knows about mindset and creating a deep inner shift for clients. 

Chris was literally about to launch his first ever certification, it would be 12 months long and cover (in his words) "all the best bits from numerous modalities to change someone fast, without wading through heavy texts and irrelevant box ticking" 

He was also limiting the intake to 15 coaches. I wasted no time in signing up.

Chris has substance, he is twice qualified in NLP, once in Australia, then again in the US. He has even worked as an approved NLP trainer and certified hundreds of people. 

The first 3 months of the course involved Chris taking us through the processes, as a coach you can't powerfully take a client through a process you haven't done yourself. 

Those first 3 months were powerful, big changes for all of us. It wasn't easy, and certainly wasn't comfortable at times. But the results that come from this type of work go deep and ripple across every area of your life. 

I could talk on about this work for days, so I'll wrap it up! 

I qualified in 2018 and have been working with clients that have a desire to change, they know they're capable of more but feel stuck, or like every time they make a step forward they somehow slide back to where they were. Or they get hit by a fear, "what if it fails?", "what if others judge me?" and drop back to the safety of their comfort zone - as the saying goes, "comfort zones are nice, but nothing grows there" 

If you're reading this and you have a desire to change an aspect of your reality, just know two things: 

1. You are not broken, you don't need fixing, you just need to learn to back yourself more. 

2. YOU are the answer. You already contain the directions, the co ordinates for your new reality! 

Action changes things. If you're ready step up and go all in, your life will never be the same again!!!

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