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Inner Power

Image by Oleg Chursin

Do you remember how fun, exciting and stress-free life used to be when you were younger? 


How would you like to recapture that?


It’s no coincidence you’re here, reading this. You know something has to change, a big shift needs to take place in how you choose to think, feel and act. You want to give up the relentless, and tiring, self battle, drop the need to wear many different masks to keep others happy, and live a life of purpose, excitement and joy! 


When you are fully connected to every part of yourself you are able to create whatever you desire, you are more in control of your thoughts, and emotions, and life just feels easier, without the need to micro manage every aspect of it! 


It’s also when you’re living from this place doors of possibility open up to you that you could have never imagined. 


Loss of Direction


Too many have lost their way, they’ve lost this powerful connection to themselves, they don’t know where they’re heading (or they’ve forgotten why you stated that way in the first place), it’s clouded, foggy, and they’ve somehow been swept up in the busyness of life. 


When you throw in social pressures to “be” a certain way, to achieve and constantly strive for a future that’s better than now, you lose sense of self, of who you were (when you were young), who you want to be, and what you want to be. 


I’m sure you’ve felt the internal conflict from doing what you feel you “should” be doing, knowing it’s at the cost of what you would actually like to be doing. 


True creative power comes from leaving the world of reactive behaviour, and moving instead to a place of neutrality; you need nothing, but are excited for more. From here you create because that’s what you choose, not because you need to in order to get away from something. 


What is Inner Power?

Inner Power is the programme to put you back on the path to reconnect with yourself, the powerful you that has it all, the health, the relationships, the wealth, the deep connection, the confidence to back yourself in every situation in life, and know from a place of absolute certainty that no matter what comes your way you can prevail, and continue to create what you love! 

No more skirting around the edge pretending everything is “fine”. Inner Power will take you straight to the centre of what you want, shine a light on the shadows and expose the deeper reasons why you struggle, or avoid, certain actions, and consequently feel like you always take steps towards success, only for it to slip away, or you sabotage your efforts.


Together we will strip away the old belief patterns that are holding you back, undo years of conditioning to be a certain way, and break emotional attachment to perceived limitations.

If you commit to the work your life can change very quickly, irrelevant of where you are now. 3 months from now everything can be different! In fact I’ve seen massive changes in clients within the first month of this programme* 

3 Pillars to True Power 


You essentially need three things in order to switch from survival (stress, pressure and overwhelm) into creative flow (ease, knowing, abundance). 


They are clarity on what you want, knowing, and allowing, who you are, and a re-established connection to your higher power (the place where your all seeing, all knowing persona resides).


I’ve split this 12 week programme into three Pillars for this reason, and to make it a little easier to follow and implement the material, remember that your results will be in direct proportion to your level of action and application. You aren’t here just to learn, the time has come to action, grow and change forever. 


Accountability to Change 

What happens when the going gets tough? 

One of the other huge benefits of working with me as your coach, I will hold you accountable to a higher level of action, you won’t always like it, but your life will change in unimaginable ways as a result! 


I know the power of the material, I also know how hard it can be to follow through and action certain things (I’ve been through a lot of coaching myself, and continue to work with my own coaches) and know the reasons that will try and stop you, remember your body wants things to stay as they are, change takes effort, and it will try and pull you back and sabotage your efforts.


To have a trained third party (me) that’s not emotionally involved looking in from the outside is the fastest way to see where your blind spots are, you can’t see what you’re up to, you look at everything (including yourself) thorough your own filters.

You cannot buy this programme from the website. Every potential client is invited to have a 10 minute connection call with me to explore where you're at currently, and whether the programme would be a good fit for you (I'm more interested in helping people that truly want a change, rather than taking on anyone willing to pay me!).



Keep reading to see what's included in the 3 Pillars. 

Inner Power: Welcome



Your big vision, what you want & the steps to get there

  • Use the lenses method to uncover compelling clarity on your bigger vision, and how to break it down so achieving it becomes a given

  • Unlock your true guiding principles, your North Star to make your vision come alive and draw it to you magnetically

  • Discover the role of your unconscious mind and the fastest way to “call in” a strong emotional state to change your feelings in an instant

  • Uncover the hidden doorway to lasting energy levels and greater vitality to get more done and feel great!

  • Discover how you can fire yourself up to finally go “all in” on your dream future desires



"What got you here, won't get you there"

What do you need to let go of? Who do you need to become?

  • Discover how to quickly collapse any current triggers that are holding you back and limiting your potential

  • Understand how you form belief patterns, uncover negative limiting beliefs and flip them to open doors to possibility 

  • Uncover the one technique to transform your current perceptions around something you feel uncomfortable with (and therefore your reality) 

  • Discover how to create your new identity, and how to stay connected to it for greater and faster growth

  • Discover how to identify and move past emotions that are keeping you stuck



Put your growth & success on autopilot. Manage your shadow, and any speed bumps that will throw you off so you stay in control at all times

  • Discover the quick way to dissolve and move past undesired thoughts, feelings or states

  • Understand family entanglements, how we form unconscious links to parents and family members, and how this can hold you back, plus how to reverse this to benefit everyone in your family line

  • Unlock the power of making true choices from a place of neutrality - this is key to creating what you love

  • Discover how you can setup and maintain a high level of self accountability so life flows with ease

  • Understand how to recognise the different parts of you, and how to integrate them to stop inner resistance

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