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Change Your Mindset

You need to think of your mind as the most powerful, limitless, supercomputer there is.

It can solve any problem, it can process literally tens of thousands of pieces of data in an instant, and it already holds the blueprint for achieving everything you desire to have. ​

But, there is likely a problem... The problem is if this amazing supercomputer isn’t running on the “right” programming you won’t attract and create what you actually want, you’ll constantly feel like you’re going in circles, or taking steps towards what you desire, and at the last minute find it drops away or seems out of reach.

This is because our operating system is based on memories of the past, our values, who we think we are, and what we think we’re capable of.

These memories were created when we were young (0-7 years old) out of a need to be accepted, to be loved, not to be left out. As events and occurrences happen we assign meaning to the them and store these as belief systems about how the World is, and how we are and how we fit into it. Nearly all of these beliefs are held unconsciously, meaning we don’t even know most of them are there.

For example if you spoke up in class and got embarrassed it’s very likely you would then hold a belief that public speaking = humiliation = not safe. So you would then avoid anything that’s likely to put you in the same situation.

What’s more every 7 years the beliefs you hold are downloaded into your cells and reinforced, “this is who I am, this is what I do”.

Which means two things, one - how many times have you done this powerful download in your life? (that’s what you’re up against). Two - it can be changed if you’re willing to put in the work, and you should, your life will change in ways it’s hard to describe!

If you don’t take control of this (starts with acceptance and ownership of your current reality, irrelevant of how uncomfortable that is) you will keep trying to create new from internal turmoil and inner conflict, which means results will be hit and miss and leave you feeling unsure, anxious and frustrated.

The three biggest areas you must address are what I cover over the 12 weeks of Inner Power. It really is transformative!

This programme has taken me a lot of my own personal work, doing the work on myself using my own coaches (shifting my own internal blocks and limiting beliefs), gaining qualifications, reading, watching hours of videos, attending seminars, and running clients through this programme.

It’s tested, proven to work and gets raving reviews from clients, which is amazing for me to hear and witness.

For a more complete overview of Inner Power click HERE.

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