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Do you want easier, faster growth?

It’s an uncomfortable mindset to be in when you have an inner conflict raging between the urge to grow and expand, and really share with the world who you truly are and what you can actually do. Then you have the past of you that doesn’t feel safe stepping into your true authentic self.

“What if I get criticised?”

“What if people don’t like this real version of me?”

“Am I good enough to do what I desire to do?”

When you move towards the edge of your comfort zone (that place that is proven to be safe and survivable) your ego will look for all possible reasons to throw at you to keep you where you are.

Change is hard, it takes the brain effort to change, it uses energy, and it’s not proven to be safe (whereas your current way of being is because it’s likely you’ve been doing this pattern for years).

Essentially you come up against yourself.

There isn’t literally someone standing in front of you stopping you from changing, or from living as a desired version of you, creating more for yourself.

It’s you, you’re the block.

The good news is you’re in control of your reality, everything you have in your life YOU have created.

So if you don’t like the way your reality is going, you have the power to change it.

In order to do so you must have compelling clarity on what you want, really well and truly dialled into this, and a clear pathway on how you intend to get there and the actions you need to take in order for it to happen.

Then you must learn to create this new version of you, the one that has the desired future or end result you desire, and seek to become this person now (you don’t wait until the result shows up to change - you go for the feeling now).

How would this version of you that has the result already be?

What would they say to them self?

What actions would they take?

How would they show up in work, relationships, friendships?

Be that person NOW.

What can you do to put yourself in that feeling?

Do it daily.

As you do watch and listen for inner resistance, this will shine a light on where you feel unjust, blocked or like a fraud.

You can only work to clear limiting belief patterns that you’re consciously aware of. Keeping a daily journal will help you see patterns of thought and behaviour that aren't helping you.

Doing this will change the way you move towards your goals and start to quieten down that raging inner conflict.

Mindset work needs to become a daily must-do task for you, or if you struggle to know where to begin consider working with a mindset coach that will provide the best techniques for your stage of personal journey, and hold you accountable to doing the work.

If you're struggling to know where you block yourself then do feel free to message me, or arrange a free 20 minute discovery call.

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