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Don't Try To Stop All The Traffic!!

Mindset is such a broad term, it can mean anything from simple mindfulness and breathing techniques, to deep inner energetic work and clearing emotional patterns.

It has been suggested that we have an average of 80-90,000 thoughts a day, so you can see how your mind is very active. Imagine trying to process and make sense of that lot…

You can’t, but not being in conscious control of the thoughts you bring to your attention will mean all these thousands of thoughts battling for your attention constantly. It'll be confusing, tiring, and feel impossible to escape!

The easiest way of describing a busy mind full of thoughts is for you to imagine you’re

standing at the side of the road watching a lot of traffic pass, for a moment imagine the

passing cars are thoughts, overwhelm and inner mental chaos results when you run into the road and try to stop each car. In the context of your mind that’s the same as trying to

listen to or action every thought you have.

The skill here is to become accustomed to only stopping the cars you really need to stop, or only put effort into the thoughts that require your immediate attention, you can still notice and acknowledge all the other thoughts but be selective with the ones that will serve you now.

I want to share two great techniques for instantly calming the mind, slowing the rapid thought process and putting you back in charge!

This is going to be a simple yet powerful introduction into your mindset. Learning how to not get caught up in all the thoughts in your head is the quickest and best way to ensure you lower your stress and anxiety levels and feel like you’ve escaped the noise and chaos.

You cannot think critically, or work to change your inner belief structure if you can’t slice through the noise and find peace; even when there’s chaos around you!

Calm Your Mind & Slow Your Thoughts

Quick exercise for you to do, ideally daily to start off or every time you feel there’s too much going on in your head. Take 10 to 15 minutes and sit quietly or play soothing music, whilst you do this focus on your breathing, in through nose and out of mouth and repeat the following to yourself –

“Silence in the mind, stillness in the body, space all around”

It’s a simple technique but one that I think you’ll find very useful if you take the time to

action it.

If you need a quicker technique, one for using on the spot or where sitting for 10-15 minutes isn’t practical, then try this.

Close your eyes, slow your breathing (in for 3 seconds, out for 4 seconds) now see a number 3 flashing three times, on your next breath see a number 2 flashing three times, and finally on your next breath see a number 1 flashing three times.

You are now at a deeper, healthier, and quieter level of mind.

So remember, next time you feel your mind racing and you feel stressed or overwhelmed, intervene and slow the process.

Whilst simple, the results are amazing, and it will allow you to make better choices and decisions!

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