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Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset

I hear a lot of talk online about different levels of mindset, fixed mindset, growth mindset, money mindset, confident mindset, millionaire mindset etc.

For the purposes of this article I’ll focus on growth mindset vs fixed mindset, afterall when you make this transition everything else will follow a lot easier for you.

Firstly it’s essential to understand that where you place your attention is where you place your energy; meaning if you tell yourself you have a fixed mindset then you will BELIEVE it to be true.

Likewise if you put your energy into growth mindset habits, looking for solutions and opportunities you will find your results change quite dramatically, as will your general outlook on life!

It has been suggested that as humans we tend to run a mixed pattern of both a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Due to the limiting nature of a fixed mindset developing a greater awareness of when you’re “falling” into this mindset pattern is very important.

A fixed mindset is basically being run off your inner belief of a pattern of lack (skills, resources available to you, talent, looks etc) and as such will massively limit your potential and cause you to act in alignment with what you have deemed to be your truth.

A growth mindset is being open to possibility, facing challenges with excitement to see what you can do to overcome them. You feel, and truly believe, in your own inner power and ability to overcome any obstacle that comes your way, in any area of your life.

Consider this example on career change:

  1. You want to change careers, a fixed mindset belief would bring up a range of limiting beliefs like “you’re not qualified”, “what if it goes wrongs?”, “you can’t afford the training” we’ve all experienced this inner doubting voice before, that is a fixed mindset based on fear.

  2. Growth mindset - a completely different energy and mental approach. You focus on solutions to the problems that arise (although in this mindset space they are no longer seen as a problem, more a hurdle that you can jump). You ask inner questions to get the answers you need - “where can I get the qualification” as opposed to “you’re not qualified so don’t bother”. “Nothing goes wrong, I trust myself to find solutions as and when it’s required”, and a realisation that you have access to any resource you need - is it, or is it not true that you can find what you need to move forwards in life?

Commit to notice what triggers a fixed mindset, what activities, people, places etc bring about these feelings of limitation. Write it all down. Now underneath write out the opposite of each limiting belief.

Without casting judgment on yourself just feel into why you have that belief. Now look at the opposite more empowering belief, from the growth mindset approach.

What do you need to do to maintain this new growth mindset as your normal approach? Write down what you will commit to do, eg "I will not shy away from a challenge, it either works out for me, or I get the chance to learn and develop"

It takes time, a bit like training a muscle, this won't become a comfortable "normal" overnight. Stick with it though, the inner freedom and confidence in yourself it gives is well worth it.

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