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What do you need to start your personal development journey and cultivate a growth mindset?

There are no special skills required for your personal development, or to switch to a growth mindset.

We are all unique, and view the world through our own lens, which means everyone will have a different take on what personal development means to them.

I will say from the outset that you go into your own personal development with an open mind, not pressuring yourself to get a particular outcome, or return on the time (and possibly money) you’ve invested into it, after years of coaching personal development and mindset transformations I can say that the changes I’ve seen in myself and clients could never have been predicted at the start.

It’s a journey of self discovery.

Coming back to the question, “what do you need to start your personal development journey?"

  1. Acceptance of current reality: you need to fully own where you are in life, don’t try and avoid it, or place blame outside of you. Also do not attach meaning, beliefs, or stories to it, it just is what it is, so view it objectively.

  2. Vision: what do you want your life to be? Who do you want in your life? How do you want to be (thoughts, feelings, actions, health)? What would your dream day look like? In order to create a life you love, and grow with purpose, you need to know what that looks like, so take some time planning this out. Don’t copy others, this is your path, your vision.

  3. Belief structure: the thoughts we choose to give power to create an emotional response, this emotional response is a chemical created to communicate to the body in order to produce an action. If you look at your vision and then consider your current reality, there is likely a gap between the two. In order to bridge that gap you will need to become a different version of you, and that starts by having, and choosing, a higher quality of thought. As an exercise I want you to write out all of the self critical, or negative, thoughts you have on a daily basis. Now next to each one I want you to write a more empowering thought, one that can also be true and is more in alignment with what you put in your vision.

Break your vision down into smaller goals so you know what to focus on weekly, and daily, in order to get there.

Every morning you need to have a way of putting yourself in the feeling of having that end result, making that connection will naturally bring about a higher level of thought, which creates a higher level of emotional response, and that in turn creates a higher level of action. Meditation works well for this.

Now just take consistent action towards your vision, whenever you find your action level slows, or stops, this is when you need to look into what story, or belief you’re holding regarding that action or outcome.

If you go to the resources section of my website you will get free access to Create Your Vision which will help you go deeper on the vision for your life.

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