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How different would your life be if you could alter your own reality?

What would you take on if you fully backed yourself?

The truth is YOU create your reality.

Everything you have in your life at the moment at some point started as a thought in your head.

Which means if your reality is currently not what you dreamed of, you can change it.


Well not quite.

What about the inner critic? That part of you that will throw everything at you to prevent change

“What if people laugh at me, or judge me?”

“You don’t have the right qualifications”

“You’re not good enough”

I’ve been there, it’s frustrating to have a big dream only to find when you come to take action you end up going up against yourself.

You break this tension by procrastinating.

“Oh look an online quiz”

“I’ll just sign up to this webinar, that will give me the answers”

And not forgetting cleaning, I bet when you have an uncomfortable action to take your house has never looked cleaner!!

The good news is you’re not broken, this is normal, and also you can change it.

In this workshop I will show you how you structure reality, and what you must grasp in order to make a lasting change.

Then I will take you through a powerful exercise where we find deep gratitude for who you’ve been, the lessons you’ve got (and perhaps never noticed until now) and build a big future goal, with the main 2 steps to get there.

It sounds like a lot, but trust me you’ll get it!

Who Am I?

I’m Ed, and I’ve been a coach since 2009.

I’ve always loved helping others and set up a personal training business working with clients in their own homes.

I was first introduced to personal development work in 2015 on a three day business building event in Bath (UK).

I was skeptical, after all it was business building strategy that would get me where I wanted to be, or so I thought.

Fast forward to mid 2016 and I’m working with a coach 1-2-1 on a weekly basis to take my fitness business online, but very quickly it became apparent I was the block.

The best business strategy in the world will NOT outdo ingrained negative belief structures, you’ll be left spinning your wheels going nowhere and wondering what is going on!

Honestly the power of focusing inwards on yourself had me in awe, I could instantly see why my life was the way it was, the patterns I had been running unconsciously and what I needed to do to start to change.

In 2017 I took the step to qualify as a mindset coach, it took 9 months and was hard work, but so worthwhile.

Since 2018 I have been working with clients to help them gain real clarity on what they truly desire, then using a range of powerful techniques and exercises to illuminate subconscious beliefs, change them and reinstall stronger, more beneficial belief systems.

The results have been amazing…

If you’re ready to live better, feel unstoppable and finally understand how YOU can control your life then join either join my free worksop, or jump straight into coaching sessions.

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