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What Is Mindset Coaching?

The term mindset coaching is likely quite vague, especially if you’re not a coach.

Perhaps it brings up images of sports professionals being coached to the absolute limit of their sporting prowess, or maybe images and ideas of sitting in a therapist's room, on one of those leather chesterfield sofas.

Well, in some coaching circles perhaps it is, but from my perspective that column’d be further from what I do.

In a nutshell I help people transcend their own perceived limitations so they can finally understand who they really are, what they actually want from life, and then strip out the unconscious limiting beliefs they’ve built that keep them stuck, freeing them to take the action to get the result.


Until you come to make a change, then you will get inner resistance like you’ve never felt before.

It feels like you hit an invisible wall, and no amount of pushing will get it to move. Ultimately most will slip back to where they were before, have you ever noticed how it feels easier to just settle, or accept what you currently have will do?

Perhaps you are happy with everything you have, if that’s you then great, keep living your life, but I doubt you would have found this article if that was the case!

For those reading that do want a change in one area of their life I need you to know it is 100% possible.

This is where my coaching process serves you at the highest level. First we need to establish a safe space for you to “sit” in, if you don’t feel safe there is no way your subconscious mind (you have numerous levels of mind, something you will understand a lot more as you read my material, or if you become a client) will allow us access to your stored operating system.

This operating system runs all the time, unconsciously, and runs off the belief systems you’ve developed and stored as truth since you were born.

Once we have a safe space, where you feel calm, relaxed, and in a trusting space, we start by digging into what you actually want. Then we can start to uncover what’s going on for you at a deeper level that is either hindering you, or causing you to stay stuck where you are.

Only then can we use any number of tools I have in my coaching toolkit.

For example perhaps we need to do some timeline therapy, regressing you to a younger age and removing the connection to certain beliefs at the point you made them.

Or maybe a parts integration, where we “see” the various parts of you that make up the whole, if these are out of alignment, or conflicted, you will feel as though you’re being pulled this way and that.

Or perhaps some family entanglement work is needed, to remove energetic patterns passed on from parents, or quantum clearing to “jump” you to a new timeline, or epigenetic work to change the very nature of how you’ve constructed yourself to date.

If you’re new to this, I appreciate there is some info above that won’t make much sense, but I’d rather you know some of the terms of the tools I use to get deep, powerful, change out of my clients.

Essentially at this point the main thing to understand is that if you’re truly ready to let go and go all in on yourself this coaching will change your life!

This isn’t a “think positive thoughts” programme, this is rewiring your operating system so you just are at your most magnetic and powerful all the time, so much so that “being positive” is just a normal way of life for you, not something you have to give any level of thought to.

My question to you is, are you ready for your life to change in ways you can’t imagine?

Or to put it another way, if I handed you your dream life right now, are you ready to accept it?

This question itself can open the necessity for joining my coaching programme, if you have fear of what success may do to your life then that is just as valid as any other fear.

All I can say is if you are at a place of needing to make a change, knowing at a deep level there is more for you, and you can no longer keep that yearning to grow beyond your limitations quiet, reach out to me either through my social media channels, or right here on my website and let's chat about how to move you quickly to where you want to be.

If you continue to do nothing, nothing will change, but you will get more frustrated, more distant from what you desire. Don’t let that happen.

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