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Where's Your Power?

Can I ask you a question, well two actually…

  1. Are you currently where you truly wish to be in life, your health, wealth, business, work, relationships?

  2. If you’re not then what are you doing about it?

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is waiting for some magical outside force, or secret step, to rescue them and change their situation.

Maybe that does work for some, I’m yet to meet those people though.

The truth for the majority is that no one is coming to save you.

Now you can take two different angles from this, one, panic (don’t do that!), or two, realise that you already contain all the answers to every problem you will ever face.

I see a lot of ads for how to manifest, or how to build a millionaire mindset, and to me it always comes from a place of lacking, of not having what you desire, and that includes the belief that you lack the capacity to create more for yourself. That you aren’t enough as you are.

This simply is not the case.

I’m going to go deep here for a minute - you came into this world as pure creative energy, you knew no bounds, no constraints, fears, or self imposed beliefs about what is and isn’t possible for you.

You learnt these, and then reinforced them over time.

So is it, or is is not, true that you can choose a different way?

Perhaps you should choose to be confident, to back yourself, to realise that you are still that powerhouse of creative spirit (it hasn’t changed, it has just been drowned out by all of societies noise, and your willingness to fit in).

I can tell you now that when my clients grasp this their entire life changes, a big claim I know, but honestly it’s incredible to witness as a coach!!

So are you going to take back control of yourself?

Take back control of your future, by realising you get to act in the present moment to bring about a future you actually desire.

Or do you want to continue to wait for someone (who exactly?) to show up and save you?

Think a bit more intentionally about where you’re placing your power.

To choose to create what you love, trust in your ability to figure things out as you go, and take action is really very empowering.

To hold onto a fear based belief that you’re limited, you don’t have the capacity, and you need an external force to rescue you is giving your power away - you are not in control.

Everything comes down to choice , you always get to choose.

So what do you choose?

It isn’t easy, there’s a misconception that mindset work is light and easy, it’s not! It’s a rollercoaster of excitement, fear, breakthroughs, and speed bumps.

But the ride is great, and the destination even better!

If you’re reading this on my website go and see if I’m still running the Inner Fire workshop, this will break open 2 very powerful areas you need to understand for quicker personal growth.

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